Botswana geography now japan

The annual climate ranges from months of dry temperate weather during winter to humid subtropical weather interspersed with drier periods of hot weather during summer. In winter, which lasts from April to September, there is frequent frost at night, and temperatures may fall to near freezing in some high-altitude areas during the day.

Summer is heralded by a windy season, the winds carrying dust from the Kalahari, from about late August to early October. Annual rainfall, brought by winds from the Indian Oceanaverages 18 inches mmrepresenting a range from 25 inches mm in the extreme northeast to less than 5 inches mm in the extreme southwest. The rains are almost entirely limited to summer downpours between December and March, which also mark the season for plowing and planting.

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Cyclic droughts, often lasting up to five or six years in every two decades, can limit or eliminate harvests and reduce livestock to starvation. Even in its southwestern corner, where there are some bare sand dunes, the vegetation is more characteristic of dry steppe than desert. The general vegetation of the country is savanna grassland with yellow or light brown grass cover turning green after rains and woody plants. Croton and Combretum tree savanna is found on the rocky hills of the eastern hardveld.

Acacia tree savanna merges northward into mopane African ironwood savanna woodland.

Geography Now! Japan

Mopane woodland covers most of the northern and eastern third of the country, with the exception of the open grasslands immediately surrounding the Okavango delta and Makgadikgadi Pans. Animal life is extremely varied in a thirstland environment. About species of mammals are found in Botswana.

Geography Now! NAMIBIA

These range from 30 species of bats and 27 of rodents to more than 30 species of large mammals. Birdlife is prolificwith more than species.

Botswana has a great variety of reptiles and amphibians, of which more than species have been described in detail. The principal fish, in the rivers of the north, are tilapia African breamcatfish, and the tigerfish, which is famous for its ferocious resistance to being caught on a line.

There are several national parks and game reserves in Botswana, including the Central Kalahari Game Reserve—the largest reserve in the country and home to such animals as lions, black-backed jackals, elephants, foxes, ostriches, springboks, and zebras. The dominant ethnic identity in Botswana is Tswanacomprising some two-thirds of the population in the 21st century. Within southeastern Botswana the other main ethnic identity besides Tswana, that of the Khalagari Western Sothohas become so incorporated as to be almost indistinguishable from the Tswana.

With larger numbers to the east in Zimbabwesome Kalanga have resisted full incorporation. The Tawana state of northwestern Botswana can be seen as the least successful in incorporating other ethnic groups. Most of its population is Yei and Mbukushu by origin, related to riverine peoples in the Caprivi StripAngolaand Zambia to the north.

Smaller numbers of Mbanderu and Herero have greater numbers of close relatives across the border in Namibia. Small scattered groups of Khoisan people inhabit the southwestern districts of Botswana, as well as being incorporated with other ethnic groups. They include communities with their own headmen and livestock, as well as poorer groups employed by Tswana and white cattle farmers.

White settlement in Botswana, consisting of some Afrikaners and fewer English settled in border farms, totaled fewer than 3, people in the colonial period. The number of whites in Botswana, while showing some increase since independence, still accounts for only a very small portion of the total population. Botswana is also home to a small population of Asian or mixed ancestry. The national language, Tswana Setswana, Sechuanais widely spoken.

The official language is English. The Khoisan speak languages characterized as Khoe, or Khwe, and San.Welcome to the custom quiz generator in Seterra. If you experience any problems using it, or if you have suggestions on how to improve it, please email us at info seterra.

botswana geography now japan

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Log in Log out. All The U. Create custom quiz Geography Now! Quiz description. Papua New Guinea. Antigua and Barbuda. Republic of the Congo. Saint Kitts and Nevis. Saint Lucia. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Ivory Coast.

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San Marino. Saudi Arabia. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sierra Leone. Burkina Faso. South Korea. Cape Verde. Central African Republic. Costa Rica. Marshall Islands. Czech Republic Czechia. The Bahamas.As mentioned before, Japan has two indigenous ethnic groups, each with their own languages.

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They have the Ainu, which is predominantly inhabit Hokkaido and some of the Kuril Islands administered by Russia, known for their rustic, scruffy features, where men grew beards and women used to tattoo their lips and arms. Today there are less than 30, left, but some estimate that there could be up toif you include the other Ainu that have assimilated into the rest of Japan and are kind of faintly aware of their own culture.

Now, everybody in the world has had at least a little bit of exposure to some kind of Japanese culture, whether it be samurais, geishas, sumos, kabuki, shamisen music, kimonos, and excessively weird products and advertisements aimed at using nonconformity as a hook to engage viewers. The Japanese language uses three alphabets: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. The first two, Hiragana and Katakana, are syllabaries made up of 46 corresponding base characters each.

That means you have two ways to write each syllable. Whereas Kanji is basically the list of Chinese characters that they borrowed from China. Most students have to learn about of these. That means Chinese people can kind of get by in Japan just by reading the signs as most of the characters have identical meanings, just different pronunciations.

Japan is the only country in the world that practices Shintoism, which obviously enough started in Japan. There are kami for harvests, kami for war, kami for good luck and so on.

Today there are about 81, Shinto shrines and about 85, appointed Shinto priests all over the country. Oh yeah, Japan has an Imperial Family with Akihito holding the throne since and to this day Japan is the only country with an Emperor. Some people will say that Shintoism is partially the reason why Japan also has a vibrant, complex industry of cartoon and anime, many of which were inspired by Shinto-driven legends and kami.

They often rank as the top video game producing and playing country in the world — everybody know Sonic, Mario, and Pikachu. In a sense, Japanese people have always admittedly kind of been escapist, creating their own worlds and it might be due their long history of diplomatic isolation.

In other sense, though, principle and diligence culture is of huge importance; having a degree and respectable title is always flaunted. Sociologists have many theories as to why this is, but in addition to a high depression rate, there seems to be a lack of sexual interest amongst millennials. On top of that, Japan has a very strict and conservative approach towards immigration and citizenship.

So ultimately, a smaller generation has to lift the burden of taking care of a population almost ten times their size. Some wonder how the future will look like. Now you can probably understand why the Japanese are so into building robots. Related Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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Ainu Clan Today there are less than 30, left, but some estimate that there could be up toif you include the other Ainu that have assimilated into the rest of Japan and are kind of faintly aware of their own culture. Azuchi—Momoyama things are stable Nanban trade. Share this: Twitter Facebook.Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account?

Sign Up. Geography Now! Oiran walk at Edo Village. Master 3 Languages - Korean, Japanese, English. Miyako Odori in Gion. Japanese Folktales: Tale of the Nine-tailed Fox. Related Pages See all. Learn Korean - KoreanClass Learn Japanese - JapanesePod Japanese Language - MLC. Valiant Japanese Language School. Learn Korean. Fresh Korean. Asian Boss. Study Japanese language. Eggbun Education. Japanese language. Video transcript. This is one country I barely have to introduce you to.

Let's just get it over with. Sushi, geishas, karate! Temples, ramen, anime!

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Sumos, weird stuff, weird cosplay, poison fish, and I'm not even gonna ask about that De wa, ikimashou! It's time to learn Geography NOW!

Hey everybody, I'm your host Barbs. We have reached the Land of the Rising Sun, Asia's island powerhouse and home to a culture that I'm sure you've heard of. Let's just jump into it. Ah, Japan, you have such a story behind you.

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First of all, Japan is located right off the east coast of the Asian continent between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, stretching all the way from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north with the East China Sea to the south. The country is divided into 47 prefectures, each with incredibly beautiful minimalistic style flags. The prefectures are divided into four different categories: "ken", "to", "fu", and "do". The first level, "ken" heh heh, "Ken" refers to the 43 plain prefectures.

Then you have "to", which means something like "metropolis", and this category only applies to Tokyo City. And finally, "do", which is a unique category translating to something like "circuit" and that applies to all of Hokkaido in the north. Speaking of which, Tokyo, Japan's capital, is the largest city in the world, with its greater metropolitan area including Kanto containing about 37 million people.Botswana on the African map.

Botswana is a landlocked country located in the southern part of Africa. Botswana has borders with the following states: Namibia to the west and north 1. Remarkable is the border rectangle or quadripoint where four countries meet which is unique worldwide. It actually consists of two border triangles, located in close proximity of each other. One is the border triangle of Botswana — Namibia-Zambia and the other one — only meters away — is Zambia-Botswana-Zimbabwe.

However, the course of the border is disputed so one speaks of a virtual quadripoint. The majority of Botswana lies at an altitude of about m to m.

This huge plain forms the center of the Kalahari Basin and is essentially characterized by semi-arid grass, shrub and tree savannah landscapes.

botswana geography now japan

In Botswana, there are hardly any mountains, the whole country is very flat. Botswana's largest mountain is Monalanong Hill m south of Gaborone. In contrast to the dry savanna areas, the world famous Okavango Delta offers an abundance of water and attracts a huge variety of wildlife. The largest inland delta in the world is considered one of the last natural paradises of the earth. Simplified geographical map of Botswana. This is our own simplified map, which we have assembled from different scientific maps.

The Kalahari is often called a desert Kalahari desertbut it is a semi-desert or bush savannah. The San Bushmenwho have been living in the Kalahari for thousands of years, know more than 1, plants. The Kahalari hosts a great variety of wildlife.

Especially in the national parks there live countless mammal and bird species. Okavango Delta. In the Delta, the Okavango meets the sand savannah of the Kalahari and forms a unique connection worldwide: desert and marshland of the Delta with a fascinating flora and fauna.The tailer-made trip arranged by Nordic Visitor exceeded expectations.

When we arrived Reykjavik we were greeted at airport with a welcoming package that included everything that we needed. Included was a spiral binder with our itinerary as well as suggestions for additional activities along the route. Furthermore, we received a map with hand written suggestions and highlights. The map proved to be extremely useful and so did the hand written notes. In the packaged we also our phone for the week and vouchers.

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botswana geography now japan

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Botswana's geography

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